docs September 2020
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[issue40006] enum: Add documentation for _create_pseudo_member_ and composite members
by Ram Rachum
1 day, 9 hours

[issue41661] os.path.relpath does not document ValueError on Windows with different drives
by Andy Maier
1 day, 18 hours

[issue39774] Missing documentation on how to make package executable as script
by igo95862
2 days, 2 hours

[issue39125] Type signature of @property not shown in help()
by Nguyễn Gia Phong
3 days, 10 hours

[issue38963] multiprocessing processes seem to "bleed" user information (GID/UID/groups)
by Roman Joost
5 days, 1 hour

[issue41283] The parameter name for imghdr.what in the documentation is wrong
by Adam Eltawla
1 week, 4 days

[issue40932] subprocess docs don't qualify the instruction to use shlex.quote by OS
by Stephen Farris
1 week, 4 days

[issue34398] Docs search does not index glossary
by Jonathan Fine
1 week, 4 days

[issue35026] Winreg's documentation lacks mentioning required permission at some points
by George Fischhof
2 weeks, 3 days

[issue39231] Mistaken notion in tutorial
by Robert
2 weeks, 3 days
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