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[issue43815] documentation for types.new_class() mention misleading default for exec_body
by Eric V. Smith
4 months, 3 weeks

Example of uniform on random page appears to have the wrong comment
by Theodore Greene
4 months, 3 weeks

[issue43971] documentation: no spacing around default args in annotated function
by Mohamed Moselhy
4 months, 3 weeks

[issue43869] Fix documentation of epoch/time.time
by Ofek Lev
4 months, 3 weeks

[issue22167] iglob() has misleading documentation (does indeed store names internally)
by Roy Smith
4 months, 3 weeks

[issue43928] Fix the typo in documentation
by Terry J. Reedy
4 months, 3 weeks

[issue43935] Fix typo in Turtle.back docstring
by Stéphane Wirtel
4 months, 3 weeks

[issue42589] doc: Wrong "from" keyword link in Exceptions doc
by Irit Katriel
4 months, 3 weeks

[issue36384] [security] CVE-2021-29921: ipaddress Should not reject IPv4 addresses with leading zeroes as ambiguously octal
by STINNER Victor
4 months, 3 weeks

[issue41277] documentation: os.setxattr() errno EEXIST and ENODATA
by Roundup Robot
4 months, 3 weeks
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