[Mailman-Users] Prob1: How to disble unsubscribe for some users

Leonardo Boselli leo at dicea.unifi.it
Mon Mar 5 15:02:57 CET 2001

It is a solution, but it is not acceptable in my case:
The addresses that are in the list are actually other 4 lists.
If i just check once a week to see if all the 4 lists are still subscribed
it is possible that someone unsubscribed and by the time the daemon
regognized the unsubscription, some message sent to the list is lost for
one group .... 

On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Stephan Berndts wrote:

> Hi!
> On Sat, Mar 03, 2001 at 09:51:54PM -0800, Nathan Grass wrote:
> > I run a list where some members are REQUIRED to be on the
> > list to meet requirements of a group that exists "outside"
> > of that list.  The best way you can deal with your problem
> > (as I have had to with both Majordomo and Mailman) is to
> > just be sure you GET all subscription notices. You will be
> > able to see when they remove themselves.
> I had had the same problem. My solution was to write a small
> script which checks once a week whether all people that have
> to be subscribed to that list are subscribed or not.
> (Subscribing them if necessary ...) OK, my solution needs
> access to the list-server, but maybe it is even possible
> without.
> Stephan
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