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[issue20296] PyArg_ParseTuple 2.X docs mention int for "t#", but "Py_ssize_t" for "w#", etc.
by Rob Browning
3 months, 3 weeks

[issue21547] '!s' formatting documentation bug
by Joshua Landau
3 months, 3 weeks

[issue9196] Improve docs for string interpolation "%s" re Unicode strings
by Craig McQueen
3 months, 3 weeks

[issue20686] Confusing statement
by Daniel U. Thibault
3 months, 3 weeks

[issue17387] Error in C API documentation of PySequenceMethods
by Alex Orange
3 months, 3 weeks

[issue15952] format(value) and value.__format__() behave differently with unicode format
by Chris Jerdonek
3 months, 3 weeks

[issue16954] Add docstrings for ElementTree module
by Serhiy Storchaka
3 months, 3 weeks

[issue23738] Clarify documentation of positional-only default values
by Martin Panter
4 months

[issue18262] ZipInfo.external_attr are not documented
by anatoly techtonik
4 months, 1 week

[issue11425] Cleanup sample codes in tutorial.
by INADA Naoki
4 months, 2 weeks
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