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[issue8822] datetime naive and aware types should have a well-defined definition that can be cross-referenced
by anatoly techtonik
10 months

[issue23522] Misleading note in Statistics module documentation
by Jake
10 months, 1 week

[issue14586] TypeError: truncate() takes no keyword arguments
by Guy Taylor
10 months, 2 weeks

[issue24110] zipfile.ZipFile.write() does not accept bytes arcname
by July Tikhonov
10 months, 3 weeks

[issue25573] traceback documentation example is lying about FrameSummary repr()
by Alexandre Macabies
10 months, 3 weeks

[issue15104] abusive language in __name__ description
by anatoly techtonik
11 months

[issue21195] None float format: incomplete documentation
by Eric O. LEBIGOT
11 months

[issue13341] Incorrect documentation for "u" PyArg_Parse format unit
by Ilya Novoselov
11 months

[issue17576] PyNumber_Index() is not int-subclass friendly
by Barry A. Warsaw
11 months, 1 week

[issue20582] socket.getnameinfo() does not document flags
by Roy Smith
11 months, 1 week
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