[Python-Dev] DRAFT: python-dev summary for 2006-04-01 to 2006-04-15

Steven Bethard steven.bethard at gmail.com
Mon May 29 19:05:32 CEST 2006

Ok, here comes the first half of April.  Again, please let me know if
you have any comments or corrections (and thanks to those who already
got back to me on the last one).  I'm gonna try to keep these coming
over the next week or so until I'm all caught up.


Python 2.5a1 Released

Python 2.5 alpha 1 was released on April 5th.  Please download it and
try it out, particularly if you are an extension writer or you embed
Python -- you may want to change things to support 64-bit sequences,
and if you have been using mismatched PyMem_* and PyObject_*
allocation calls, you will need to fix these as well.

Contributing threads:

- `TRUNK FREEZE. 2.5a1, 00:00 UTC, Wednesday 5th of April.
- `outstanding items for 2.5
- `chilling svn for 2.5a1
- `Reminder: TRUNK FREEZE. 2.5a1, 00:00 UTC, Wednesday 5th of April.
- `RELEASED Python 2.5 (alpha 1)
- `segfault (double free?) when '''-string crosses line
- `pdb segfaults in 2.5 trunk?
- `IMPORTANT 2.5 API changes for C Extension Modules and Embedders

Contributor agreements

If you're listed in the `Python acknowledgments`_, and you haven't
signed a `contributor agreement`_, please submit one as soon as
possible.  Note that this includes even the folks that have been
around forever -- the PSF would like to be as careful as possible on
this one.

.. _Python acknowledgments:
.. _contributor agreement: http://www.python.org/psf/contrib-form-python.html

Contributing threads:

- `PSF Contributor Agreement for pysqlite

Firefox Python bug searches

Anthony Baxter has created a `Firefox searchbar`_ for finding Python
bugs by their SourceForge IDs.  There are also two Firefox sidebar
options: `Mark Hammond's`_ and `Daniel Lundin's`_.

.. _Firefox searchbar: http://www.python.org/~anthony/searchbar/
.. _Mark Hammond's: http://starship.python.net/~skippy/mozilla/
.. _Daniel Lundin's: http://projects.edgewall.com/python-sidebar/

Contributing thread:

- `Firefox searchbar engine for Python bugs

Building Python with the free MS Toolkit compiler

Paul Moore documented how to build Python on Windows with the free MS
Toolkit C++ compiler `on the wiki`_.  The most up-to-date version of
these instructions is in `PCbuild/readme.txt`_.

.. _on the wiki:
.. _PCbuild/readme.txt:

Contributing thread:

- `Building Python with the free MS Toolkit compiler

Please login to the wiki when you make changes

Skip Montanaro has requested that anyone posting to the wiki sign in
first, as this makes things easier for those monitoring changes to the
wiki. When you're logged in, your changes appear with your name, and
so can be immediately recognized as not being wiki-spam.

Contributing thread:

- `Suggestion: Please login to wiki when you make changes

Checking an older blamelist

While the buildbot blamelist may scroll off the `main page`_ in a
matter of hours, you can still see the blamelist for a particular
revision by checking a particular build number, e.g. to see build 800
of the trunk on the G4 OSX, you could check

.. _main page: http://www.python.org/dev/buildbot/all/

Contributing threads:

- `Preserving the blamelist
- `TODO Wiki (was: Preserving the blamelist)


Garbage collection issues

One of the problems with garbage-collecting generators (now that they
have a __del__ method) was that GC normally assumes that because the
*type* has a __del__ method, the *instance* needs finalization. Many
generator instances may not need finalization even though their type
has a __del__ slot, so generators have been special-cased in the
garbage-collection code so that GC can sometimes tell that a generator
does not need its finalizer called.

As a side note, Tim Peters pointed out that if you're worried about
cyclic-gc and __del__ methods, one of the ways to avoid problems is to
remove the __del__ method from the object you think might be included
in a cycle, and add an attribute to that object that holds a "closing"
object with a __del__ method that simply closes all your resources.
Since your main object won't have a __del__, it will be easily
collected, which should make the closing object collectable too.

Contributing threads:

- `reference leaks, __del__, and annotations
- `reference leaks, __del__, and annotations
- `Debugging opportunity :-)

ElementTree naming

The elementtree package was included in Python 2.5 as xml.etree.
There were some complaints about the naming schemes (which aren't
quite `PEP 8`_-compliant) but changing these while elementtree is
still distributed as a standalone package seemed like a bad idea.
People generally felt that style-motivated renamings should all wait
until Python 3000.

.. _PEP 8: http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0008/

Contributing thread:

- `elementtree in stdlib

Externally maintained modules

Brett Cannon was putting together a PEP for externally maintained code
in the stdlib (e.g. ctypes and pysqlite).  The PEP will list all
modules and packages within the stdlib that are maintained externally,
as well as the contact info for their maintainers and the locations
where bugs and patches should be reported.  At the time of this
summary, he had not yet been assigned a PEP number.

Contributing threads:

- `PEP to list externally maintained modules and where to report bugs?
- `need info for externally maintained modules PEP

String prefix for internationalization

Martin Blais proposed an ``i`` prefix for internationalized strings to
get rid of the ``_()`` required by pygettext.  This would allow
pygettext to more easily identify internationalized strings, and
reduce the number of parentheses necessary in internationalized code.
However, it would only have saved two key-strokes, it would have
required the introduction of ``iu`` and ``ir`` prefixes, and it would
have forced some rewriting of the tools that currently do string
extraction using ``_()``, so the idea was rejected.

Contributing thread:

- `The &quot;i&quot; string-prefix: I18n'ed strings

PEP 359: The make statement

Steven Bethard introduced a PEP for the make statement which would
have made the statement::

    make <callable> <name> <tuple>:

syntactic sugar for::

    class <name> <tuple>:
        __metaclass__ = <callable>

The goal was to allow the creation of non-class objects from a
namespace without requiring a misleading ``class`` statement and
``__metaclass__`` hook.  With appropriately defined objects, the make
statement would have supported syntax like::

    make block_property x:
        '''The x of the frobulation'''
        def fget(self):
        def fset(self):

    make Schema registration:
        make String name:
            max_length = 100
            not_empty = True
        make PostalCode postal_code:
            not_empty = True
        make Int age:
            min = 18

In current Python these would have to be created using class
statements which misleadingly created objects that were not classes.
Responses were mixed, and the discussion continued on into the next

.. _PEP 359: http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0359/

Contributing thread:

- `PEP 359: The &quot;make&quot; Statement

Formatting exceptions with their module names

Georg Brandl checked in a patch to make
traceback.format_exception_only() prepend the exception's module name
in the same way the interpreter does.  This caused a number of
doctests to fail because the exception module names were not included.
 After some discussion, it seemed like people agreed that even though
some doctests would be broken, it was more important to have the
interpreter and traceback.format_exception_only() produce the same

Contributing thread:

- `[Python-checkins] r45321 - in python/trunk:
Lib/test/test_traceback.py Lib/traceback.py Misc/NEWS

Benchmarking python

Benji York and a few others ran Python 2.5a1 through pystone and found
it mostly comparable to 2.4.2.  However, Raymond Hettinger pointed out
that pystone isn't really an appropriate benchmark for comparing
across versions -- it's intended more for comparing across
architectures and compilers.

Contributing threads:

- `2.5a1 Performance
- `Buildbot slave locks (Was: 2.5a1 Performance)

PySocketSockObject, socketmodule.c, _ssl.c and Windows

Tim Peters noticed that on Windows, socketmodule.c and _ssl.c
disagreed about the offset of the ``sock_timeout`` member of a
``PySocketSockObject``.  Turns out that since _socket was built by a
.vcproj but _ssl was built by _ssl.mak (which had forgotten to define
WIN32), doubles were aligned to an 8-byte boundary when socketmodule.c
was compiled but a 4-byte boundary when _ssl was compiled.

Contributing thread:

- `Who understands _ssl.c on Windows?

Getting a dictionary of counts

Alex Martelli proposed adding a ``tally()`` function to the
collections module which would count the number of each value in an
iterable and produce a dictionary.  So for example::

    tally('abacaab') == {'a': 4, 'c': 1, 'b': 2}

People generally thought the function would be useful, but there was
some discussion as to whether or not it would be better to provide a
collections.bag object instead.  The discussion fizzled out without
any patches being produced.

Contributing thread:

- `tally (and other accumulators)

Building Python with C++

Anthony Baxter has donated some of his recent time to getting Python
to compile with g++.  He got Python core to compile correctly, but
there were lots of errors in the Modules code that wasn't C++ safe.
If you'd like to help Anthony out and fix some bugs, try it yourself
using ``CC=g++ ./configure --with-cxx=g++``

Contributing thread:

- `building with C++

Adding PEP 302 support

Phillip J. Eby has been working on adding `PEP 302`_ import loader
support to the necessary modules around Python.  In the process, he
noticed that both runpy and test.test_importhooks reimplement the base
`PEP 302`_ algorithm, and suggested adding functions to pkgutil that
would allow such modules to all share the same code for this kind of
thing.  The code appears to have been checked in, but docs do not
appear to be available yet.

.. _PEP 302: http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0359/

Contributing threads:

- `PEP 302 support for traceback, inspect, site, warnings, doctest,
and linecache <http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-dev/2006-April/063586.html>`__
- `Proposal: expose PEP 302 facilities via 'imp' and 'pkgutil'
- `PEP 302 support for pydoc, runpy, etc.

Having Python use dlopen() on Darwin/OS X

Zachary Pincus asked about using the normal code path for Unix-like
systems through dlopen() for Darwin/OS X instead of the officially
discouraged NeXT-derived APIs that Python was using at the time.  Bob
Ippolito approved the patch, and OS X users should hopefully see the
change in Python 2.5.

Contributing thread:

- `Use dlopen() on Darwin/OS X to load extensions?

Saving the hash value of tuples

Noam Raphael suggested `caching the hash value of tuples`_ in a
similar way to what is done for strings now.  But without any
measurements showing that this improved performance, and with the
relative rareness of hashing tuples, Guido thought that this was a bad

.. _caching the hash value of tuples: http://bugs.python.org/1462796

Contributing thread:

- `Saving the hash value of tuples

sqlite3.dll issues

If a Windows user tries ``import sqlite3`` and Python finds SQLite's
sqlite3.dll before it finds pysqlite's sqlite.py module, Python will
end up incorrectly raising an ImportError.  Martin v. Löwis suggested
that maybe Python should stop treating .dll files as extension modules
so conflicts like this could be avoided.  It was unclear at the end of
the thread if this (or any other) route was being persued.

Contributing thread:

- `Renaming sqlite3

New Python icons

Andrew Clover made some `new Python icons`_ available based on the
logo on the new website.  People on python-dev really liked them, and
it looked like they'd probably make it into Python 2.5.

.. _new Python icons: http://doxdesk.com/img/software/py/icons2.png

Contributing threads:

- `New-style icons, .desktop file
- `New-style icons, .desktop file

Py_Initialize/Py_Finalize leaking memory

Martin v. Löwis corrected some documentation errors that claimed that
Py_Finalize would release all memory (it can't be guaranteed to do
so).  In the process, Martin and Tim Peters discussed a `recent bug`_
where running Py_Initialize/Py_Finalize in a loop left more and more
objects behind each time.  The hope was to get the number of added
objects after a Py_Initialize/Py_Finalize pair back down to zero if
possible, and Martin found at least one leak, but it was unclear at
the end of the thread how close they had gotten.

.. _recent bug: http://bugs.python.org/1445210

Contributing thread:

- `Py_Finalize does not release all memory, not even closely

Removing PyObject_REPR

Thomas Wouters noticed that the ``PyObject_REPR()`` macro, which was
originally introduced as an internal debugging API, leaks a PyString
object.  It looked like the macro would either be removed entirely, or
redefined to call Py_DECREF appropriately and return a newly allocated
(and thus freeable) string.

Contributing thread:

- `PyObject_REPR()

uriparse module to replace urlparse module

Paul Jimenez offered up his `uriparse module`_ which improves on
urlparse.  Currently, urlparse doesn't comply with STD66 (a.k.a.
RFC3986), as it hard-codes some URI schemes instead of applying the
same syntax to all of them.  Martin v. Löwis asked for more
documentation, and John J Lee suggested deprecating a few functions
from urllib and putting RFC-compliant versions in uriparse.  The
discussion then moved to the tracker, but at the time of this summary,
the remaining issues had not yet been resolved.

.. _uriparse module: http://bugs.python.org/1462525

Contributing thread:

- `New uriparse.py

Line numbers with the new AST compiler

Jeremy Hylton noticed that with the new AST-based compiler, the line
numbers for things like the implicit ``return None`` at the end of a
function were occasionally different from previous versions of Python.
 The changes looked harmless, so Guido said it was fine to leave the
code as it was.  Jeremy promised to look into some of the other
special cases for alpha 2.

Contributing thread:

- `line numbers, pass statements, implicit returns

Deferred Threads
- `PY_FORMAT_SIZE_T warnings on OS X

Previous Summaries
- `Class decorators
- `I'm not getting email from SF when assigned a bug/patch
- `improving quality

Skipped Threads
- `gmane.comp.python.devel.3000 has disappeared
- `refleaks in 2.4
- `Name for python package repository
- `[Python-checkins] r43545 - in python/trunk: Doc/lib/libcalendar.tex
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- `SF #1462485 - StopIteration raised in body of 'with' statement
suppressed <http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-dev/2006-April/063312.html>`__
- `SF #1462700 - Errors in PCbuild
- `Whole bunch of test failures on OSX
- `SF:1463370 add .format() method to str and unicode
- `Need Py3k group in trackers
- `posixmodule.c patch- revision 43586
- `Twisted and Python 2.5a0r43587
- `r43613 - python/trunk/Doc/lib/libcsv.tex
- `current 2.5 status
- `Should issubclass() be more like isinstance()?
- `The &quot;Need for Speed&quot; Sprint, Reykjavik, Iceland, May
21-28, 2006 <http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-dev/2006-April/063428.html>`__
- `suggest: nowait option in subprocess.communicate
- `strftime/strptime locale funnies...
- `How to determine if char is signed or unsigned?
- `Possible issue with 2.5a1 Win32 binary
- `Don Beaudry <http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-dev/2006-April/063485.html>`__
- `Default Locale, was; Re: strftime/strptime locale funnies...
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- `str.partition?
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- `base64 module
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- `Win64 AMD64 (aka x64) binaries available64
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- `threadless brownian.py
- `Subversion repository back up
- `DRAFT: python-dev summary for 2006-02-01 to 2006-02-15
- `Failing &quot;inspect&quot; test: test_getargspec_sublistofone
- `updating PyExpat (Was: need info for externally maintained modules
PEP) <http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-dev/2006-April/063600.html>`__
- `DRAFT: python-dev summary for 2006-02-16 to 2006-02-28
- `DRAFT: python-dev summary for 2006-03-01 to 2006-03-15
- `Checking assigned bugs/patches
- `String initialization (was: The &quot;i&quot; string-prefix:
I18n'ed strings)
- `Request for review
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- `Procedure for sandbox branches in SVN?
- `Calling Thomas Heller and Richard Jones

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