NumPy-Discussion December 2021
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Documentation Team meeting - Monday June 8th
by Melissa Mendonça
1 week, 3 days

representation of valid float type range
2 weeks, 2 days

No credits left in travis for 1.22.0 release
by Charles R Harris
3 weeks

Proposal for new function to determine if a float contains an integer
by Joseph Fox-Rabinovitz
3 weeks, 5 days

Re: NumPy-Discussion Digest, Vol 183, Issue 33
by Stefano Miccoli
3 weeks, 6 days

Who is the tallest and strongest Chinese basketball player?
by Just allstar
3 weeks, 6 days

An article on numpy data types
by Lev Maximov
3 weeks, 6 days

Call for ideas: 2021 user survey report
by Stephanie Mendoza
4 weeks, 1 day

ANN: SfePy 2021.4
by Robert Cimrman
4 weeks, 1 day

Re: An article on numpy data types
by Stefano Miccoli
4 weeks, 1 day
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