Python-ideas February 2011
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@classproperty, @abc.abstractclasspropery, etc.
by K. Richard Pixley
2 months, 3 weeks

i18n and Python tracebacks
by Andre Roberge
8 years, 4 months

Cofunctions PEP - Revision 4
by Greg Ewing
8 years, 4 months

Bring back callable()
by Antoine Pitrou
10 years

str.split() oddness
by Mart Sõmermaa
10 years

str.split with multiple individual split characters
by Andy Buckley
10 years

class ModuleNotFoundError(ImportError)
by cool-RR
10 years

Coercing str.join() argument elements to str
by Dirkjan Ochtman
10 years

Fw: New pattern-matching library (was: str.split with multiple individual split characters)
by Mike Meyer
10 years

A couple of with statement ideas
by Nick Coghlan
10 years
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