Python-ideas August 2015
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Specify number of items to allocate for array.array() constructor
by Sven Rahmann
9 months, 1 week

Implicit string literal concatenation considered harmful?
by Guido van Rossum
2 years, 8 months

proposal: "python -m foo" should bind sys.modules['foo']
by Cameron Simpson
3 years, 10 months

solving multi-core Python
by Eric Snow
4 years, 5 months

Re: [Python-ideas] Draft PEP on string interpolation
by Eric Fahlgren
5 years, 2 months

some useful descriptors + a classtools module (was: Properties for classes possible?)
by Eric Snow
5 years, 2 months

Properties for classes possible?
by Thomas Güttler
5 years, 2 months

Draft PEP on string interpolation
by Mike Miller
5 years, 2 months

String interpolation: environment variables, command substitution
by Mike Miller
5 years, 3 months

Re: [Python-ideas] Forward-References & Out-of-order declaration
by Kale Kundert
5 years, 3 months
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