Python-ideas April 2021
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Allow syntax "func(arg=x if condition)"
by Peter O'Connor
2 days, 11 hours

Barrier Object in asyncio lib
by Yves Duprat
8 months, 2 weeks

Changing The Theme of Python Docs Site
by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer
8 months, 2 weeks

String comprehension
by David Álvarez Lombardi
8 months, 2 weeks

Support more conversions in format string
by Serhiy Storchaka
8 months, 2 weeks

TACE16 text encoding for Tamil language
by பா. மு. செல்வக்குமார்
8 months, 3 weeks

Accepting a function argument of a particular type specified by the user
by Shreyan Avigyan
9 months

On function signature mismatch, include candidate function in traceback
by Pol Welter
9 months

: str() vs format(): trivia question
by Stephen J. Turnbull
9 months

allow initial comma
9 months, 1 week
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