Python-ideas May 2011
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i18n and Python tracebacks
by Andre Roberge
7 years, 10 months

Cofunctions PEP - Revision 4
by Greg Ewing
7 years, 11 months

Adding 'bytes' as alias for 'latin_1' codec.
by INADA Naoki
9 years, 3 months

Minor tweak to PEP 8?
by Mike Meyer
9 years, 3 months

Threading hooks and disable gc per thread
by Christian Heimes
9 years, 3 months

Suggestion: Integrate the script "" as standard command for formatting pyhton code
by Serge Hulne
9 years, 3 months

Python 3.x and bytes
by Ethan Furman
9 years, 3 months

Implementing __dir__ (moving dir implementation to object.__dir__?)
by Michael Foord
9 years, 3 months

__implements__ on arguments to ABCMeta.register
by Eric Snow
9 years, 3 months

CPython optimization: storing reference counters outside of objects
by Amaury Forgeot d'Arc
9 years, 3 months
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