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Implicit string literal concatenation considered harmful?
by Guido van Rossum
1 year, 6 months ?
by Julien Palard
2 years, 7 months
proposal: "python -m foo" should bind sys.modules['foo']
by Cameron Simpson
2 years, 8 months
Importing public symbols and simultainiously privatizing them, is too noisy
by Rick Johnson
2 years, 8 months
singledispatch for instance methods
by Tim Mitchell
2 years, 8 months
Null coalescing operator
by Arek Bulski
2 years, 10 months
SI scale factors alone, without units or dimensional analysis
by Steven D'Aprano
2 years, 10 months
if-statement in for-loop
by Dominik Gresch
2 years, 11 months
Suggestion: Clear screen command for the REPL
by João Matos
2 years, 11 months
Delay evaluation of annotations
by אלעזר
2 years, 11 months
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