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Fwd: Simple curl/wget-like download functionality in urllib (like http offers server)
by Tom P
1 day, 2 hours

os.workdir() context manager
by Marc-Andre Lemburg
1 day, 5 hours

Fwd: [Python-Dev] Re: Semi-proposal: Tagged None
by David Mertz, Ph.D.
1 day, 20 hours

Making imports callable
by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer
1 day, 21 hours

Unpacking in tuple/list/set/dict comprehensions
by Erik Demaine
2 days, 4 hours

PEP able? : Request new 'fn' format specifier to specify relationship between positional arguments
by Shash Srinivasa
2 days, 8 hours

Implementing string unary operators
by Jeremiah Vivian
2 days, 16 hours

Re: Type-hinting dictionaries for an arbitrary number of arbitrary key/value pairs? Counterpart to PEP 589?
by Alex Waygood
3 days, 19 hours

Real Positional Arguments or OO Currying
by Mathew Elman
4 days, 6 hours

Accessing target name at runtime
by Jeremiah Paige
4 days, 13 hours
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