Python-Dev April 2010
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PEP 1, PEP Purpose and Guidelines
5 months

Reviving restricted mode?
by Guido van Rossum
7 years, 2 months

PEP 3145 (With Contents)
by Eric Pruitt
8 years, 9 months is gone
by Georg Brandl
10 years, 8 months

Problems with hex-conversion functions
by Ender Wiggin
11 years

Two small PEP ideas
by Barry Warsaw
11 years, 1 month

stdlib socket usage and "keepalive"
by Jesus Cea
11 years, 3 months

Should we drop active support of OSF/1?
by Jesus Cea
11 years, 5 months

Frequency of the dev docs autobuild
by Nick Coghlan
11 years, 5 months

Enhanced tracker privileges for "dangerjim" to do triage.
by Sean Reifschneider
11 years, 5 months
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