Python-Dev November 2020
  • 80 participants
  • 35 discussions

Advantages of pattern matching - a simple comparative analysis
by Brian Coleman
13 minutes

Words rather than sigils in Structural Pattern Matching
by David Mertz
5 hours, 45 minutes

The semantics of pattern matching for Python
by Mark Shannon
18 hours, 19 minutes

Questions about about the DLS 2020
by Mark Shannon
19 hours, 12 minutes

Matching syntax and semantics
by Eric Nieuwland
19 hours, 23 minutes

Summary of Python tracker Issues
by Python tracker
3 days, 1 hour

Preconditions for accepting any pattern matching PEP
by Mark Shannon
3 days, 2 hours

Review patch fixing packed bitfields in ctypes struct/union
by Filipe Laíns
3 days, 9 hours

PEP 642: Constraint Pattern Syntax for Structural Pattern Matching
by Nick Coghlan
3 days, 13 hours

How Cpython repository has a pre-commit hook ? (as in PEP8)
by Nilo César Teixeira
4 days
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