Python-Dev June 2019
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PEP 1, PEP Purpose and Guidelines
4 weeks, 1 day

Boundaries between numbers and identifiers
by Serhiy Storchaka
2 months

About "python-porting" mail list
by Facundo Batista
1 year, 4 months

Adding a toml module to the standard lib?
by Bastian Venthur
1 year, 6 months

congrats on 3.5! Alas, windows 7 users are having problems installing it
by Laura Creighton
1 year, 9 months

python3 -bb and hash collisions
by Daniel Holth
1 year, 9 months

Snapshot formats in tracemalloc vs profiler
by Yonatan Zunger
1 year, 10 months

Have a big machine and spare time? Here's a possible Python bug.
by Tim Peters
1 year, 11 months

strip behavior provides inconsistent results with certain strings
1 year, 11 months

PEP 581 has been updated with "Downsides of GitHub" section
by Mariatta
1 year, 11 months
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